Exceptional People + Purpose Beyond Profit = Watershed Outcomes

Exceptional People + Purpose Beyond Profit = Watershed Outcomes

Director, Revenue Operations & Strategy



Posted on Tuesday, June 11, 2024

At Moxie, we empower entrepreneurs to launch, run, and grow their own aesthetics businesses with a combination of software and services. In less than 2 years, we have grown from an idea to a team of 50, with a business that is in the top-decile in terms of growth, and a remote-first team that has been self-described as high-trust, low ego, high output.

The Role

We’re looking for a Revenue Operations & Strategy Lead to make our Go-To-Market (GTM) scale-proof by professionalizing and expanding it. Moxie’s PMF is intensely good: we have started more independent medspas last year than anybody else. This year, we’re expanding our reach, our pace of growth, and our team.

That’s where you come in: we believe this role can have the biggest impact now, shaping and structuring our GTM now/early so that executing, managing, and growing it becomes better. You will report to our Head of Marketing, Brandi, and work closely with our Sales Lead, Rebecca, as well as our CEO.

Classically, RevOps focuses on four areas: operations, enablement, insights, and systems. This role has a fifth that actually goes first: build new things.

  • We’re working on some big moves that require both clear-eyes strategic thought and getting hands-on with new ideas: from next-phase funnel conversion to formalizing our outbound program to big bets like new referral programs.

  • Underneath that, you’ll help us optimize across our funnel, including processes, enablement, systems, and analytics. This makes GTM super repeatable, lowers the burden for managers, and gets us to results faster.

This role is Revenue Operations, taken seriously. You won’t be dashboard-jockeying, instead you’ll scale GTM at a top-decile growth startup. We’re also a high-trust, low-ego, high-output team which makes the job more fun and productive.

Note: Today, Moxie very intentionally only has 3 role levels, hence this role's formal title will be Revenue Operations & Strategy Lead.

Our objectives for the role

  • Partner with our leaders to build a high-performing, well-oiled revenue machine, e.g.

    • Deliver our scale-up GTM playbook: a clear system at each step of the funnel, automation, and clear measures.

    • Clear strategy for each ICP, territory, and rep, and how they tie together.

    • Experiment and prove out new channels, build the playbook, stand up the team to run it.

  • Optimize Marketing-to-Sales flow, e.g. by increasing MQL to SQL conversion by 20% in 6 months.

  • Drive Good Decisions with Data, e.g. build the unified dashboard—including cohorted and channel views— within the first 60 days to track key revenue metrics

  • Optimize everywhere, e.g. implement a new lead scoring model that improves lead quality by 25% within the first 60 days, and drop the average sales cycle quarter-over-quarter

We’re looking for:

  • Hands-on Understanding of Revenue/Sales/Marketing Operations at a high-growth startup selling to SMB/at ACV of $Xk to $XXk.

    • You’ve been in it and understand how a GTM function comes together.

    • You are opinionated (and mostly right) about what great looks like.

  • Architect and Executor: You’ll get to solve problems new to you, and in ways you haven’t done before.

    • Track record of sharp analysis, building a plan, and doing the work to get there. Build the plan and take off, then let the crew take over.

    • Experience of what it takes to grow a small function into something that scales. What works with 5 needs to work with 25+.

  • Systems/software fluent: Hands-on expertise with CRM systems, marketing automation tools, and analytics platforms, especially Hubspot.

  • Kaizen: You’ll do a lot of tweaking and testing to transition early success into a repeatable, measurable machine.

    • Understand the balance between having a bias for action and ensuring change sticks. Sales reps should feel proud and have a good experience with changes.

  • Analytical to Create Insights: Strong data analysis and reporting skills, including spreadsheets too large for the human brain and how to distill the message so others understand.

    • Build rep quotas, annual sales forecasts and sales team budgets that actually meet revenue goals.

Why Join us?

  • Above all, we’re in this to empower small business owners to own and grow their businesses. If you succeed, Med Spas will remain the opportunity for independent owner-operators instead of being dominated by a small number of large chains. If that speaks to you, speak to us.

  • We have much left to build. But given the market feedback we’re getting and our founding team’s company-building experience, we think we are writing the first chapters of a real success story.

  • Experience taking over as the RevOps leader building on early product-market fit. A role like this molds to its owner, but inevitably stretches and grows you as well.

  • Competitive salary and stock, and generous health/dental/vision coverage