Exceptional People + Purpose Beyond Profit = Watershed Outcomes

Exceptional People + Purpose Beyond Profit = Watershed Outcomes

Healthcare Attorney & Startup Operator



Posted on Saturday, June 29, 2024

At Moxie, we empower entrepreneurs to launch, run, and grow their own aesthetics businesses with a combination of software and services. In less than 2 years, we have grown from an idea to a team of 50, with a business that is in the top-decile in terms of growth, and a remote-first team that has been self-described as high-trust, low ego, high output.

What’s the role?

The role is both strategic and tactical: working closely with Nicole, our General Counsel on direction, you’ll lead and drive most of Moxie’s Legal work forward.

A strong legal background and the ability to apply it in a business context are essential. We are looking for a business-savvy partner who understands healthcare regulatory regimes (MSO/PC/etc) and can tackle a range of questions from a legal and business perspective.

A unique aspect of this role is your involvement in managing a program that sets us apart in the industry: compliance at scale for our hundreds of individually operating providers. There is also real operational work that you’ll own, and we expect will organize, simplify, and then scale via automation, vendors, or hiring over time.

Our objectives for the role

There are three main areas for this role to deliver on over the next 6-9 months:

(A) Legal Business Partner: As the go-to lawyer at Moxie, you provide correct legal advice that helps us move forward in a compliant and effective way. You understand key trade-offs and make clear, practical recommendations. Other examples:

  • Working with members of the leadership team and across the company, drive projects from ideation to implementation.

  • Develop a legal tracking program - Stay up-to-date with new state laws and subscribe to all 50 state medical board notices leveraging an AI bot to review changes that may affect customer base

  • Scale Legal Communications: partner questions and concerns are managed in a timely manner, and you work with our Ops team to ensure the information is centrally stored for future reference.

(B) Shape our Compliance Product and Services: We’re differentiating Moxie with industry-leading Compliance, and together with our Head of Operations and Nicole, you’ll be at the heart of it. Tactical examples:

  • Review New Projects: Conduct compliance reviews for new product initiatives.

  • Update Documents: Maintain current P&Ps, Standing Orders, and Consents with state law changes.

  • Assist in answering unique and niche questions as they relate to Moxie’s state-specific operations such as the flow of money in the PC/MSO structure.

(C) Own and Operate our Compliance Program: You ensure that Moxie delivers the industry-leading compliance product across the nation, extra buttoned-up and efficient. There is meaningful complexity that stretches across all provider, MD, and vendor contracts. Tactical examples:

  • Manage state-specific PC structures. Manage all PC filing requirements throughout the year and work closely with our Head of Ops to scale our sales tax payment system.

  • Contracts: Regularly update all contracts to reflect changes in state laws and business operations. Create a system to track key contract terms and expiration dates.

  • Bookkeeping and Annual Reports: Together with Finance, oversee PC bookkeeping and ensure accurate year-end closings and tax filings.

We’re looking for:

  • 2-7 years of experience is a likely sweet spot - enough to be dangerous with a real desire to build.

  • You’re an experienced healthcare attorney.

    • Terms like MSO and PC make sense to you, and you’ve drafted complex agreements between the two entity types.

    • You can untangle complex guidance on a range of questions, such as what can be done by RNs, NPs, PAs, and MDs, and what is required of a Medical Director in a given state.

  • You can and want to be involved in the business:

    • You can build and run a process, or a project well even across departments.

    • You’re sharp, and assess an issue from the legal, business, and practical perspective to find good ways forward.

  • Bonus: for familiarity with MedSpa industry and/or startup experience

Why Join us?

  • Above all, we’re in this to empower small business owners to own and grow their businesses. If you succeed, Med Spas will remain the opportunity for independent owner-operators instead of being dominated by a small number of large chains. If that speaks to you, speak to us.

  • We have much left to build. But given the market feedback we’re getting and our founding team’s company-building experience, we think we are writing the first chapters of a real success story.

  • Experience taking over as the legal builder as we move into growth mode. A role like this molds to its owner, but inevitably stretches and grows you as well.

  • We’re building the industry-leading regulatory product across the US - that’s a powerful track record to build.

  • Competitive salary and stock, and generous health/dental/vision coverage